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EXIF/JPEG image with thumbMy name is David Maas and my business name is ‘Maasterpieces’ and my WWW moniker is ‘hewholaughslast’ and I occasionally use others…

I make money every day with PTC sites and other sites listed on the website…

It’s not easy to make money on the Internet, but this way works…I won’t make promises of making thousands a week or 10′s of thousands per month…I work for myself and in so doing; I have to put in the hours to earn, just the same as going in to work each day for a boss…

You have to understand that the key to running a successful PTC campaign, is that you have to have REFERRALS…instead of struggling to get referrals by advertising my PTC sites one at a time, I create websites like this one and list them all…




I do not recommend anyone using PTC Sites without a good antivirus program and some skill in getting rid of spyware.  You need to use a spy-ware/ad-ware checker as well as a virus checker when you use these accounts. The only two anti-spyware programs that I’ve used with consistent success, are the freeware Ad-aware and Spy-bot Search and Destroy. Many of the others are actually themselves spyware. Good freeware virus checkers are Avast and AVG.




MaasterpiecesPTC & Cash Incentive Network:

I have started my Site, the way I like to click, interact and surf…on this website, you get paid for what you do and the way you interact with various offers/ websites (take part in surveys, take part in actions on various sites and surf sites to bet paid by the hour)…just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and money to gain for free…$5.00 minimum cash-out by PayPal, which you can make up in less than a week…no upgrades are available…

At the end of each month, I give away cash bonuses, added to your balance, for the highest earners and those with the most active referrals…



 Click for click, this is the one of the highest paying Websites I’ve come across, when they say 50 clicks are available, they mean it…there are other ways to earn besides clicking on ads…you must first browse through your reserved websites, to have more websites allocated to your account…minimum cash-out is currently $5.00 for PayPal/ Amazon.com…I made up the $5 in 2 days…



I’ve been with this site for over 8 years now…another one of the highest paying websites…you get $5 when you sign up…I use their Affiliate Builder Program as well to help me build referrals…I just subscribed and watch my monthly earnings grow…sometimes you don’t have ads to click on one day…other times you have 8 ads to click…you earn 0.02c a click…your referrals earn you 0.01c a click… 

(I have over 300 active referrals and they have referrals too, 300 x 0.01 = $3.00; multiply  that by 8 = $24.00 in one day from first level referrals)



Join for free…I’m a Premium Member here…an effortless income with guarantee ads daily…earn Up To $0.02 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click…cash-out via Check, Payza and PayPal…

If you join up here on my link and click progressively, I’ll upgrade you after a month…

If you’re an existing member with referrals, or not and you want to transfer to my  downline, just send an email to the admin of ClickSense and ask if your sponsor is still active, if not then ask them to transfer you to user 3304244…





Join for free…I’m a Golden member here…this is an effortless income with guaranteed ads daily…is a dedicated community and also has ad-prizes and various offers…this is also one of the fastest and busiest PTC Sites…

Minimum cash-out is $2.00 on the first cash-out, increased by $1.00 for each cash-out, until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00 via Payza, PayPal and NETELLER…


       DonkeyMails & JillsClickCorner:       

At DonkeyMails, I have a Super Donkey Clicker Membership and at  JillsClickCorner I have Super Giant Clicker upgrade…these two are sister sites….DonkeyMails is one of the most under-rated and best paying websites in the world…here you can earn by click on ads and reading emails, playing games, signing up to various offers playing games…it even has a Traffic Exchange where you can win cash prizes (up to $25) and credits to display your own webpage…no minimum Okpay and Sensipay Payout..low $1 Egopay , PerfectMoney, Paypal and Payza ($1.06) and $2.50 Solidtrustpay Payout…

At JillsClickCorner you get paid by clicking on ads and more. Earn real cash for joining free sites, completing surveys, trying products and much more…total more than $1,500 to earn with joining offers and new offers added daily…this website has the most sign-up offers than any other website on-line…minimum payout is $0.10 by OkPay, PayZa, PayPal, PerfectMoney, SensiPay and SolidTrustPay…



Join for free…you can earn cash easily with clicks…I’m a Premium Member here…I use this site for most of my advertising because it’s so cheap…join one of the oldest and most reliable paid-to-click programs online…minimum cash-out is $5.00 via PayPal…



Join for free…this website provides excellent money earning opportunities…I’m a Premium Member here, so I earn 100% of what my referral earns…here you click on ads, videos, video offers, surveys and it has a traffic exchange too…you can Complete Survey’s and Offers, Buy Website Traffic, YouTube Views, Comments and Likes, Twitter Followers and Banner Exposures…minimum cashout is $6.99 via PayZa and PayPal…



Join for free…this website has PTC, PTP & PTR ads…Im a Gold Plus Member here…I use this website for it’s very cheap advertising, 10% Referral Earnings, Redemption Discounts and Contests…minimum cash-out is $1.00 via PayPal and PayZa….



Join for free…here I’m a Premium Member…Paid to Click, Surf, Read, Promote and Sign Up…very cheap advertising…01/0.90/0.80/0.70/0.60 Payout Levels For Standard Members…$0.60 Payout For Upgraded Members…Earn Up to $0.01 Daily Login Bonus…Earn Up to $0.40/CPM from PTP…10% Referral Earnings for Free Members…Up to 150% Referral Earnings for Upgraded Members…Payments via PayZa & PayPal…



Join for free…here Im a Loaded Member…you can earn money in 7 ways…it also had a Traffic Exchange with various prizes…get up to 100% of referral earnings…minimum cash-out is $0.60 with various payment processors…



Join for free…here I’m a Golden Member…earn money from daily ads and there are micro-job opportunities…earn up to $0.02 a click and get up to 100% of referral earnings…first minimum cash-out is $2.00 by PayPal or PayZa…



Join for free…here I’m a Pro Member for life…earn up to $0.03 a click and earn up to $0.015 per referral click…minimum cash-out is $20.00, but if you take out an ad or upgrade here (1 time for life), you can cash-out at $10.00…payment by PayPal and PayZa….



Join for free…I’m a Premium Member here…they have the lowest prices but give the highest quality…over 250 ads to click daily…you get paid to promote as well… daily and weekly contests for cash prizes…super cheap for advertising…the minimum pay out here is $0.01 by PayPal or PayZa…



Join for free…I’m a Dolphin Member here…this PTC Site is mainly for UK and N. Ireland…here you get paid to do daily surveys, paid to click and read emails, paid to sign up and they have a cash back corner (cash back to sign up for something)…get a £0.25 signup bonus…minimum cash-out is £3.00, by PayPal, Amazon Gift Certificate and cheque…


These are NOT a MLM, Pyramid Schemes, or Get-Rich-Quick programs…

They do not require you to pay any fees to join and participate…

They do not require you to have a website or sell any products…

I earn a good income by using these programs…

You’ll receive payment solely on the work you perform…


Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

© Maasterpieces

274 Responses to I Make Money With PTC Sites

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  1. Bernadette Laroze says:

    Hello David,
    Glad to see the site is still on.

    I imagine you are going to keep it, am I right?

  2. David Maas says:

    Thanks for your post Bernadette…this site will remain online for the foreseeable future and you are right…

  3. pyi kyaw says:

    Hello David,
    How are you?
    I have been clicking 28days already at ClixSense. But I got 1 standard click a day.
    I only miss 2 days. Am I clicking well?

  4. Zombie says:

    That good and share your referrals to other

  5. Alan Irvine says:

    Hi David I also use ptc but do it with a group to earn more http://ptc-group.net/ref–alancirvine.html

  6. erliza matsumoto says:

    i am interested with your program

  7. Aaron says:

    Hi, David. I would like to be your downline at clixsense. I have no sponsor now. Please tell me how get transferred. I work full time in PTC. Thanks..

    • David Maas says:

      Thanks for your post Aaron,

      All you have to do is email the admin of Cilxsense and ask then to transfer your sponsor to user; 3304244…if you don’t have a sponsor or if your current sponsor is no longer active, they will transfer you…

  8. Tamilselvan says:

    Great site with lots of information. I have a small question, when we surf 500/1000 sites we get cash allowance. But how to surf that much and how much will it consume? Help me to earn from TE’s.

    • David Maas says:

      Thanks for your post and your question Tamiselvan,

      You’ll find videos explaining the different ways to use your windows to view the various websites in the Traffic Exchanges section…the first video can be found in the first decryption of TE’s, scroll down to the write up about CTP to see the second video, using that platform…

      I usual spend about 1 – 3 hours a day, clicking on TE’s…so it’s up to you to how much time you want to spend…personally, I think surfing 100 pages across various sites earns me enough credits, because I run my campaigns once a fortnight…

  9. Bernadette Laroze says:

    Hello David,

    How are you doing? This week, I have to read again your 7 chapters.
    Sometimes I do things in slow motion, and sometimes I go as fast
    as I can.

    Do you have any videos or anything else that explained strategies
    to make money using referrals in PTCs? . I have a few strategies.
    Some of them make sense, some do not and I have just got another
    one that is contrary to what I have read. So confusing.

    Have a great week ahead,


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